Frequently Asked Questions About Big Game Hunting in Texas

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Game Hunting in Texas

Do you offer military or first responder discount?

Yes, ask your booking agent for details

Do you offer meals?

Yes meals are available by request and range from $50-$100 per person

Do you offer packages or group discounts?

Yes we offer multi animal and multi person/group discounts

What caliber rifle do you recommend?

Shot placement is everything, 243, 270, 308, 30-6, 300blk, 6.5 all work fine

Do you allow bow hunting?

Yes, crossbow, recurve, longbow and compound all are welcome.

How’s the meat on some of these animals?

Everything is great in a crockpot lol, depends who's cooking. Axis is the best!

Do you offer hog only hunts?

Hogs are free to hunt when booking a Gold + animal

Can we drive around and spot the animals to shoot?

Yes we offer spot and stalk, safari style and box blind hunting.

How many acres is the ranch?

360 acres

Do you do just day hunts?

Standard is 3 days 2 nights but you are welcome to add as many days as you would like.

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