Texas Exotics Trapping & Relocation

Texas Exotics Trapping & Relocation

Exotics Capture in Texas

Sisco D Trapping & Exotics specializes in big game capture and relocation across Texas. We handle all aspects of the catch from trap set up, baiting, camera monitoring, darting, medications, load-outs, to delivery. We work with game ranches, private land owners, real estate professionals, zoos, taxidermy shops, and anyone else who may be interested in selling exotics.


Sell, Remove, and Relocate Your Exotic Animals

If you are a landowner with exotic animals on your property that need to be removed or relocated, we are here to help. We offer full exotic relocation services across Texas for landowners looking to move their animals between properties or remove them entirely, and we also offer trap/equipment rental for those looking to handle it themselves.

This is also an opportunity for you to make some extra cash! If you have animals that are overpopulated, causing damage to crops, grazing, gardens, flowerbeds, or if you are just wanting to capitalize on some extra income, we will pay top dollar per head to take the problem off of your hands. We will handle all of the hard work and pay you for everything we catch before we leave the property - it's as simple as that.

No matter what your specific needs are, if you need exotics removed or relocated from your land, Sisco D Trapping & Exotics has you covered.

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Big Game Capture Services

Capture Services:

  • Includes Trap setup
  • Includes Trap disassembling
  • Includes Loadouts
  • Includes Medication & Sedatives

Relocation Services & Fees:

  • Weekly & Monthly equipment rental
  • Per-animal relocation
  • Medication & Sedatives
  • Delivery

Trap Rental Services & Fees:

  • Weekly & Monthly rental
  • Setup
  • Disassembling
  • Deposit for damages


Sisco D Trapping & Exotics is the sole big game hunting sponsor for Hometown Hero Outdoors - a 501C3 whose sole focus is giving back to our military and first responders. Sisco D is dedicated to supporting these heroes with a portion of everything we earn in the game capture process.

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