Our Ranches

Whether you are Whitetail hunting in the brush of the Goldthwaite Texas hill country, visiting the rocky rough terrain in Rocksprings or using only moonlight to stalk a 300 lb wild boar near the lake flats in Brownwood you can experience it in the manner that you choose.

The diversity of our 5 Texas ranches has every aspect an adventurous hunter would be looking for; incredible wildlife, varied landscapes, amazing night skies, friendly guides and beautiful sunsets. These memories will last a lifetime.

Goldthwaite, TX

This is the ranch where Sisco D was born. This Mills county property consists of heavy cover, open fields and a history that dates back to the Hatfields & McCoys. It has 5 Box Blinds, 6 Feeders, 4 Bow Stands and a spring fed creek that runs year round. The property is split in two parcels both with access to running water, electricity and shelter. This property has a reputation for it’s beautiful Texas Whitetails and Rio Grande Turkey. Great for first time hunters or the Avid outdoorsman.

Address: 181 CR 508 Goldthwaite TX

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Brownwood, TX

This property is about as good as it gets between city and wilderness. This low fence paradise is located within walking distance to Brownwood State Park and 15 minutes from the city. The property has 7 Hog Traps, 6 Blinds, 2 Bass Tanks to fish, 5 Bow Stands and lodging for up to 7. If your looking to put the hurt on some hogs, pack some snack and some cold drinks and hit the road.

Address: 5102 State Hwy Park Rd 15, Brownwood, TX 76801

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Rocksprings, TX

This is what we like to call our man land. Although the ranch has had the pleasure of introducing first time hunters to the field, this rocky, rough West Texas property is know to attract some of the more advanced hunters due to its vast views, long shot opportunities and variety of game. This property consists of 500-1000' elevation changes and is home to some of the best know free range exotics in Texas. If your looking for a challenge book a hunt here and ask for the safari treatment and bring a good pair of boots.

Address: Rocksprings, TX 78880

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Santa Anna, TX

We are excited to announce our Santa Anna ranch as the first High Fence location in the Sisco D Family. With a 4 acre lake and over 8 different exotic species to choose from this little paradise can make a lot of dreams come true. Nestled in the rolling hills of Coleman County TX, makes this ranch a prime location to enjoy the great outdoors.

Address: 1074 Whon Rd, Santa Anna, TX 76878

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