Blackbuck Hunts in Texas

Blackbuck Hunts in Texas

Blackbuck in Texas

Blackbuck in Texas

The Blackbuck is a beautiful, small-bodied antelope species that originates from India and Nepal. Although wild populations within their home range have suffered over the years, there are thriving populations of blackbuck on properties across Texas, such as Sisco D Ranch. Blackbuck males can weigh between 75 and 99 pounds, with an average weight of around 85 pounds. They have a striking black and white coat with corkscrew-like horns that average between 19 and 29 inches in length, making them a beautiful trophy to add to your collection!

Blackbuck Hunting in Texas

Guided Blackbuck Hunts

How do you hunt Blackbuck?

Blackbuck antelope are smart, wary animals that prefer to inhabit open plains where they can see predators approaching from a distance. This makes getting within shooting distance of them quite challenging, however, our experienced guides know how to get the job done. Blackbuck can be hunted out of blinds over feeders and open fields, or by carefully walking through areas where they are known to live in an attempt to find a trophy buck. Alternatively, we also offer "Safari Style" hunting where we drive around the ranch in a 6-seater Polaris Ranger looking for your trophy--day or night, whatever & whenever you want!

Female Blackbuck in Texas

Blackbuck Doe Hunts

Looking for a budget-friendly blackbuck hunt? Sisco D Ranch provides guided blackbuck doe hunts at a fraction of the price of a trophy blackbuck, presenting hunters with an opportunity to hunt a new species and fill the freezer in an affordable way. Blackbuck females are also fun animals to shoot after you put your target trophy/species on the ground.

Do female blackbuck have horns?

No, female blackbucks do not have horns. They are very comparable to female deer.

Does blackbuck meat taste good?

Yes, blackbuck meat is one of the best-tasting wild game meats! You will not regret filling your freezer with blackbuck venison.

All-Inclusive Blackbuck Hunts in Texas

All-Inclusive Blackbuck Hunting Packages

We offer some great all-inclusive blackbuck hunts for both males and females, depending on your budget. Our packages are usually 3 days and 2 nights and include lodging. If you're looking for a fun hunt and a cool trophy, this is definitely the hunt for you!

  • $3,950 up to 17"
  • $4,950 18"+
  • Blackbuck Doe $800


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