Aoudad Hunts in Texas

Aoudad Hunts in Texas

Aoudad Sheep in Texas

Aoudad in Texas

Aoudad, also known as Barbary Sheep, are originally from the mountainous deserts of North Africa. After being brought to the United States in 1948, Aoudad sheep are now typically found in the southern mountain ranges from West Texas to the Panhandle. These cool and unusual-looking animals weigh up to 300 pounds and carry thick, backward-sweeping horns that can reach lengths well over 30 inches. Aoudad can be hunted year-round at Sisco D Ranch, however, we recommend hunting them between October and February when they are herding with ewes. These sheep are some of our most popular and challenging animals to hunt at Sisco D!

Aoudad Hunts in Texas

Guided Aoudad Hunts

How do you hunt Aoudad?

Aoudad are known for their keen sense of smell and elusive nature. That, plus the terrain that they choose to live in often adds to the challenge of downing an Aoudad. Although we can hunt them over feed, many hunters enjoy the adventure and challenge of getting within shooting range on foot. If this is your choice of hunting style, then be prepared to do some hiking! Aoudad live in some of the roughest hills at Sisco D Ranch and often requires the hunter to put in some miles before taking a shot. Alternatively, we also offer "Safari Style" hunting where we drive around the ranch in a 6-seater Polaris Ranger looking for your trophy - day or night, whatever & whenever you want!

When is the best time to Hunt Aoudad?

Hunters are able to get a chance at Barbary sheep all year round in Texas! However, the Aoudad rut from September through November making that the coveted time frame to stalk these animals. There is also a good chance of getting a ram in the springtime when they travel in bachelor herds. Either season, there is no mistaking that the Aoudad is a challenging animal to hunt. We like to think it makes the trophy that much better!

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Aoudad Ewe Hunts in Texas

Aoudad Ewe Hunts

Looking for an affordable aoudad hunt? Sisco D Ranch offers guided aoudad ewe hunts for hunters on a budget. These hunts offer you the chance to get the full Texas aoudad hunting experience at a fraction of the cost, and still take a nice trophy home at the end of the hunt. Alternatively, you can add an aoudad ewe onto another hunting package to get more out of your hunting trip!

Trophy Aoudad Hunts

All-Inclusive Aoudad Hunting Packages

We offer some great all-inclusive Aoudad hunts with varying price options to cater to each hunter's specific needs. Our packages include:

  • Silver $3,950 up to 29"
  • Gold $4,950 30"+
  • Aoudad Ewes $600
  • 3 days and 2 nights stay (general length of hunt, ask us about our different options)
  • Excellent lodging at our Texas hunting ranch


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