Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts in Texas

Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts in Texas

Here at Sisco D Ranch we pride ourselves on offering a premium pedigree when it comes to booking a Texas Trophy Whitetail. You may use any hunting method you prefer, including bow, rifle, and pistol from either a blind or spot and stalk.

Texas Deer Hunting Season
Sisco D Ranch prides itself on our whitetail success. We started the ranch with a whitetail management focus in place back in 2010. We now have over 5000 acres of Texas to put you on your next Trophy Harvest.

  • Origin: North America
  • Antler Size: 8-14 points
  • Weight: 100-210 pounds
  • Estimated World Population: 30,000,000+
Trophy Whitetail Hunts in Texas

Trophy Whitetail Rifle Hunts

Sisco D Ranch has optimized the rifle hunter’s ability to harvest a trophy from multiple different feeder locations while hunting from 5 different spacious 6x6 blinds on towers. Each rifle location includes 2 corn feeders that feed morning and evening as well as a 2000lb protein station. This will give you great visibility on multiple animal groups and the option to pick the perfect Trophy. Shot distances range from 90yds-150yds. Sisco D Ranch also has Wild Game Innovation Green lights for your night hunting activities. These are 100% solar and light up the whole feeder zone. Every Feeder at Sisco D Ranch is equipped with Wild Game Innovation Green Lights. Bring a cooler to the blind with snacks and cold drinks and get ready for buck fever!

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Whitetail Bow Hunts in Texas

Trophy Whitetail Bow Hunts

When bow hunting there is an additional layer of preparation to take into consideration. Scent & wind direction need to be a major focus when picking your trophy hunting location. Animals have great sense of smell especially the venison family. Take your time prepping clothes and keeping them odorless to the best of your ability. Be prepared to sit still for long periods of time and get ready for a trophy! Sisco D Ranch is a bowhunter’s paradise! We have plenty of land for fair chase hunting with multiple ladder stands, tripods & popup blinds to hunt from.  You can choose your own location, or have us recommend one for you. Bow hunting at Sisco D Ranch is all about customization and all about YOU!

Guided Deer Hunts in Texas

Texas Whitetail Hunting Methods

Sisco D Ranch offers a variety of fully guided hunting techniques, depending on the hunters preference & ability. Many hunters prefer the excitement of a spot and stalk hunt. This requires comfortable hiking boots & pants to tackle mother nature’s curveballs while we go find the trophy of your dreams instead of waiting for it to come to you.
We also offer Safari Style hunting where we drive around in a 6-seater Polaris Ranger looking for your Trophy, day or night whatever & whenever you want!

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Deer Hunts in Texas

Deer Hunt Pricing

Up to-180" $7,850
181"-200" $8,850
201"-220" $10,450
221"-240" $11,950
241"-260" $12,950
261"-280" $14,950

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What is a High Fence Whitetail Hunt?

In Texas, a high fence whitetail hunt refers to hunting within a ranch or property that has a fence 8 or 10 feet tall. The idea of a high fence ranch is to keep the game animals in and predators out. This enables ranches to control deer densities and manage the herd to produce trophy quality deer. Many hunters do not realize that high fence ranches in Texas are different than whitetail hunting preserves in other parts of the country. There is a big difference between hunting a 1,000 acre property and a 100 acre "deer pen". Contact us for more details about deer hunting on the ranch.

What is a Low Fence or Fair Chase Deer Hunt?

The term Low Fence or Free-Range hunting refers to properties that do not have an 8-10’ game fence surrounding the property. The trophy whitetails can cross property lines as they choose to do so. Many hunters believe this fair chase whitetail hunting model is more rewarding than a high fence hunt. Sisco D Ranch offers both ranch hunting options. When hunting low fence, a hunter must take into consideration neighboring properties and their management programs as well. A deer can cover a large amount of acreage in a lifetime so feeding the next-door deer only to have someone that is not on the same program harvest deer at 2 or 3 yrs old instead of waiting till they are mature may prevent a low fence location from reaching its full potential. At the end of the day hunting Texas High or Low fence can be extremely rewarding if the terrain and property type are well balanced. Proper cover and plenty of places for wildlife to run to when they catch your scent makes hunting any of our ranches a memory of a lifetime.

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