Sisco D Staff

Sisco D Staff

Marcos Dominguez: Owner

Marcos Dominguez: Owner

Marcos has spent 12 years in the field managing prime Texas hill country property for Sisco D Ranch from 2010-2022. Knowing the in and outs of the hunting & fishing industry helps him identify prime strategic property locations to ensure the most successful harvests possible.

  • Rifle of Choice: Remington 700. 260
  • Optics of Choice: Vortex Viper 6.5x24x50
  • Handgun of Choice: XD 9mm
  • Bow of Choice: Hoyt Redwrx 5
  • Hunt of Choice: Rocky Mountain Bull Elk
Christina Dominguez: VP of Client Success

Christina Dominguez:
VP of Client Success

From start to finish Christina will be the first person to share Sisco D options with you. With 6 years of customer service experience & a BA in education you can count on getting the correct information in a timely manner from this gal.

  • Rifle of Choice: Mossberg 243
  • Handgun of Choice: XDS 9mm
  • Bow of Choice: Hoyt XT 2000
  • Hunt of Choice: Whitetail
Levi Dominguez: Guide/Trainer

Levi Dominguez:

Hey ya'll my name is Levi aka "Teacup" I'm 17 and have been working in the animal industry for 6yrs. I started managing low fence properties in the central Texas Hill Country, primarily whitetail, turkey and hogs. Over the years I have been blessed to work along side my dad and learn more about game management and animal relocation. I enjoy working on both the trapping and hunting sides of Sisco D. I love all things hunting and fishing and having a great time making memories with new friends and customers.

  • Rifle of Choice: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Optics of Choice: Vortex Viper 6.5x24x50
  • Handgun of Choice: XD 9mm
  • Bow of Choice: Hoyt Redwrx 5
  • Hunt of Choice: Blue Wildebeest
Greg Wilkerson: Guide

Greg Wilkerson:

Greg has been an avid hunter and fisherman since his first deer at 12 years old and countless trips to the lake with his grandad. Wether it’s a fox pro remote in his hand or a set of rattling horns he is happiest hunting. He has been blessed to be surrounded by all the people that enjoy hunting as much as he does.


 “You can see the true heart in a man when you’re in the woods with a rifle”

  • Rifle of Choice: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Optics of Choice: Vortex Viper 
  • Handgun of Choice: Sig Sauer P365 KL
  • Bow of Choice: Hoyt Carbon RX-7
  • Hunt of Choice: Whitetail
John Martin: Pro Staff Member

John Martin:
Pro Staff Member

Growing up in central Texas has given John a profound appreciation for the outdoors. He is an avid supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights and fully supports the United States of America. No matter the time of year you will find him in the woods or on the water. Texas Forever.

  • Rifle of Choice: Sako A7 30-06 with a Vortex Viper 6.5x24x50
  • Handgun of Choice: Springfield 1911 .45
  • Bow of Choice: Cabela's Credence Camo
Bobby Petmecky Pro Staff Member

Bobby Petmecky:
Pro Staff Member

I live for the outdoors. There is no other place I’d rather be in my free time. As a kid hunting is how we survived. It is more than a hobby to me. It is a life style.

  • Rifle of Choice: Remington 700. 30-06
  • Handgun of Choice: Springfield 1911 .45

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